Electronic components

Vanguard Electronics Inc.
  • RF & Chip Inductors
  • QPL Inductors
  • Space Application Magnetics
  • Pulse & Data Bus Transformers
  • Filters & Chokes
  • Power Supply Magnetics


  •   State of the Art Inc.
  • Thick film and thin film resistor chips
  • Military resistor chips
  • Power resistor chips
  • High voltage resistor chips
  • HF resistors, attenuators and terminations
  • ŭSMT resistor networks


  • High voltage and high temperature
       mica capacitors, subassemblies
       and modules

  •   Voltage Multipliers
  • High voltage parts:
       diodes, optocouplers, multipliers,
       power supplies, bridges, rectifiers

  • CalRamic Technologies LLC.
  • High voltage multilayer ceramic capacitors
       for voltages up to 20 kV,
       and temperatures up to 200 deg.C.,
       for commercial, military
       and space level applications

      ELDRE Corporation
  • Busbars for electronics